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“Dear Jade,

I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for completely changing my life around 180° degrees in the last 12 months. When you first began coaching me in my field of work; my clients were mainly narcissists. They were identical to my narcissistic father, whom I was having great difficulty cutting loose from.

I had also just separated from my narcissist partner. And to top it all off, I was bulimic and would binge and throw up daily to cope with my anxiety and fear. One year later, and I am having faith in the universe. I love myself for the very first time in my life, and I am attracting the most incredible similar-minded clients. Finally, I am also drawing financial stability that I have never experienced in the past. Thanks to your precious help Dear Jade, I have gone from depressed suicidal to a very happy entrepreneur in love with myself.


“Hello fellow Scorpio Jade happy birthday Whenever it was.
This is about the seventh time I have listened to your readings and it’s kinda odd cause it seems when I am in a negative or doubting phase I tune into your wisdom and I renewed with your insight and it had never failed to recharge me With hope once again thank you I can’t even express how much but helps so onward to Abundance and new new new.”

“Your reading resonated with me at every level. I got a personal reading from you in May. It was so accurate that it lead me to were I am today. Back then my husband had lost his job. He has since found work as you predicted. You also predicted that I would possibly start my own business and you saw something on the internet. I am starting a business and it will have a large internet presence. I feel stronger than ever, people are rallying around me to help. I feel protected and know I’m about to generate abundance. It’s incredible as not so long ago the world and my life was such a struggle.  Blessings to you and thank you for your amazing work. ”

“Jade, thank you so much for this reading. You have no idea how much it meant to me (or perhaps you do) to have these words of hope at this time. My past story is so hard but I’ve been working intensely to heal, be positive and manifest but this morning I completely crumpled, it came from nowhere, an overwhelming feeling of tiredness with the struggle…I have so much to be thankful for I do know that… but I feel I am constantly trying to hold it all together, work hard, look after others whilst being in constant pain… After sobbing my heart out, I sat here so calmly planning to take my life…I won’t do it but that’s the rock bottom I reached today! I cried out to God and my ancestors for help and guidance…gave myself a good talking to, took myself into the garden to ground myself and meditate, as I went onto YouTube to find a meditation I hit play on your reading by accident!!! I thank Spirit and the Divine for this and I thank you for this reading, your gift and empathy…it was just what I needed to hear… So much gratitude and love. You have a beautiful gift.”

“I cannot believe how dead accurate you are!!! Sooo amazing! You are truly gifted <3 I am building an empire!!! It is going to take a lot of work, but I am ready. This is such a fantastic reading , and is really helping me navigate this crossroads while I bring all my dreams and ideas to manifestation! I AM FEARLESS!!!! mermaids or legends <”

“I just finished my reading with Jade. She’s incredible! She got right to business and she put my mind at ease with what is going on in my life with my hiccup in business. I look forward to the day that the debt I am in now not only goes away but is replaced tenfold. Jade confirmed what I knew about the effort it is going to take…actually, she made it more real than what was in my head. Because we were done before my time was up she went through a tapping session with me to release the anxiety and to replace it with assurance. Amazing practice which I will start up again. I’m telling you….get some time with her. A private reading is like her general reading on steroids because it’s all about you.”

“Jade is beyond amazing. She gives you so much insight and clarity during sessions, whether it’s 15 minutes or an hour. For the short period of time I’ve known her, so much has changed in my life. All the advice she gives is truly valuable and can be applied to everyday life. I would definitely recommend her because she is the best of the best.”

“Wow! Just wow! That was so awesome.. it was just what I needed. Thank you so much, you are truly blessed. I appreciate your help, guidance and kind words. I am so so excited for 2018 now. I have done a ton of work on myself mentally and physically and I am so ready to reap the rewards. I will definitely recommend your services and I’ll be back when I need another reading.  Many blessings to you and your gifts. Thank you”

“I ordered 3 questions, received the video a few days earlier. Jade put her heart and soul in the reading. I have played it plenty of times already.
Very happy with what I got and will definitely reach out to Jade in the future as well as refer her to friends and family! Thank you Jade!” Susan

“Thank you so much for this reading, this is exactly what I have been going through, after finally letting go of a toxic relationship with a Scorpio. I have now found myself again and your reading resonated with me from beginning to end, everything made perfect sense. I love how to read, I subscribed to your channel and look forward to your readings. This is so inspiring and strengthens my belief of moving in the right direction and yes I have transformed and love myself again. Thank you Jade, this is amazing!!”

“I asked Jade for a private reading 3 months, ago, in the last quarter of 2017. After viewing the video, what she explains seemed to resonate with me, the good and the bad, of course, and it made me feel very good. However, what really impressed me, is that several things she told me are actually happening. It is difficult to figure out what it means exactly when you review your reading for the first time, i am guessing the reason is twofold, on the one hand it comes from something we do not understand (or at least in my personal case) and because it is complicated to think on what particular issue that will involve a situation in some months to come… Anyway, very, very accurate… I do believe in tarot reading, obviously, but at the same time i applied a reasonable skepticism about the reading… I have to say that her reading was/is pretty accurate to me. Definitely I would recommend a consultation with her, if you want to know how thing can unfold in your incoming future.”

“Love your nails!  Your reading resonated 100% and was extremely enlightening. With everything I’ve been going through, your reading gave me the confirmation from my angels I was asking for. The tongue tie thing brought laughter and resonance. I do the same thing. Thank you! ”

“Thanks sooo Much!! You were very informative gave Me chills, From the reading I understand I’m in My process towards Big things in the near future that I need to accept personally an mentally, spiritually!! So excited I’m headed in the right direction an being guided on My path gives me  more confirmation. Archangel Micheal is my go to Angel love him an all the angels so much I can go on an on!!! You will be hearing from Me again an thanks so Much.”

“Loved your reading! You were dead on with feeling a bit insecure with the upcoming changes. I am now well on my way towards the career of my dreams and for some reason, little moments of doubt start to creep up on me. Glad I know this is natural and only confirming that I am headed in the right direction! :)”

“You’re my new favorite Lightworker to seek guidance from online. Thank You SO Much for being brave enough to have followed your higher calling. You are helping me succeed in fulfilling my higher purpose by you having stepped in yours.”

“What a wonderful reading! This rings much hope. Thank you!”

“Brilliant Reading, I’m bringing forward my spiritual gifts to help others even thinking about my own you tube channel of course we have challenges thats life but i have deep within me im on the right path what ever anybody else says,so Accurate Amazing.”

“Thank you so much for this reading. It really sounds like I’m going through at the moment. I am grateful for your talents.”

“Thank you , wow!!! I definitely need to love myself , no more toxic relationships like last one where I was disrespected and treated as an after thought. Never again!!! Have an air sign in my sights”

“Thank you Sister for these messages they are very accurate and resonate with my life story … many blessing and love …OXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX ….”

“Great reading! it was spot on for me right now. I’ve been facing a fork in the road and you have helped me make a decision. Thank you so much. Love and Light”

“Thank you for this reading. I have the man that you describe in my life now and he is helping me evolve to think more of self, more than about what others might be thinking or doing. He wants me to shine. He is letting me be me . I have two people that are very trustworthy…spot on and so much more…thank you”

“Thank you, Soul Warrior.I lost my husband seven months ago and I have been struggling and having such a hard time healing.This reading really meant so much to me.God bless you.”

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