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Hi, I’m Tree, your host of the Soulful Love Summit.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had your share of painful relationships. And by “painful,” I mean total soul destroying RIP-my-heart-out-SLAM-it-on-the-ground-STOMP-your-merciless-foot-on-it-and-TWIST-down-as-you-CRUSH-it-into-the-gravel.

Yea, that’s the kind of painful I’m talking about.


And if you’re anything like me, maybe you’ve given up.

Maybe you don’t believe that there’s anyone kind, honest and loyal left in this world…

Maybe you don’t believe that anyone’s capable of loving you the way you deeply yearn to be loved…

Maybe you don’t believe that YOU’RE capable or good enough to meet someone like that, even if he or she did exist…

Maybe you think you have too much emotional baggage or unresolved past trauma that you’ll never be able to have a good relationship even though you’ve done a lifetime’s worth of self-help work…

Maybe you think there’s no one out there who would understand or put up with you, your baggage or your sensitive, deep needs

Maybe you think you might ruin it if you meet the right person because you have so many doubts, insecurities and trust issues

Maybe you believe there’s no hope for you…

Maybe you believe your heart’s too broken, too torn in too many pieces to ever be patched together again…

Maybe you believe you might as well get used to being alone because every time you dare to trust, be vulnerable and offer your heart to someone again, it’s only a matter of time before it’s crushed…

Does this sound familiar?

This is how I felt too, not long ago.

In fact, it was only 5 years ago that I lay in my small guest bedroom at night with a headset over my ears, music blasting on maximum volume, crying because the music wasn’t loud enough to drown out the grunting and moaning noises of my recent ex and his new girlfriend half my age having sex in what used to be our bed in what used to be our master bedroom in what used to be our house in what used to be the life I thought we were building together.

Together, that’s the key word.

In that moment, I realized there was no more “together” for us.

No matter how hard I tried to understand and forgive and desperately reclaim what was already lost, it was over.

Yet another failed relationship. Another one to add to my impressive string of failed relationships.

And another piece of my heart – and hope – crushed.

It took me a long time to get over that one. And I had to do a lot of introspection, inner emotional cleaning and pretty much an entire self-overhaul.

Today, I’m in an incredible relationship – one that I no longer thought was possible – with an incredible man – one who I no longer thought existed – and I’m a true believer that:


I’m not special. I’m not better than anyone else. I’m no different from you.

I just finally had enough.

And I was done with men who couldn’t commit to me.

Done with MYSELF for not committing to me.

Done with all of it. The drama. The unworthiness. The past.

And I finally committed to ME.

Part of committing to me meant not giving up on my deep yearning for a healthy, loving relationship, no matter how hopeless it seemed.

Did everything shift overnight?

Not particularly.

I’m still working through my issues, but I’m doing it while in a loving relationship with someone who adores me and gives me the space to do so.

Here’s a myth buster: You don’t have to wait until you work out all your issues to have an amazing relationship.

If you resonate with any of this and there’s a faint glimmer of hope within you, a part of you that still yearns for a healthy, loving and intimate relationship, no matter how hopeless it seems, I invite you to join my Soulful Love Summit and commit to YOU.

YOU are the reason I created this summit. YOU are the reason I assembled 20 incredible speakers to inspire and teach by example. I did it for you… and in all honesty, I did it for the old, broken me lying in that guest bed desperately wanting to keep believing in love no matter how grim the circumstances appeared in front of her.

I’m so glad I didn’t give up on myself, on her. And I hope you don’t give up on YOU either.

Come join us on February 12-16 and give love another chance.

You’ll find more about the speakers, their topics and the summit below.

And best of all, it’s free! And it’s online. So if you’re an introvert like me, you can enjoy it in your PJ’s from the comfort of your own home!

Get a FREE ticket to the Soulful Love Summit.

See you there,