Prosperity Workshops

Release Fear & Manifest Prosperity


A prosperity mindset embraces money, success and generosity. Often with money, there may be negative experiences or people in the past that can embed negative subconscious beliefs about having wealth. All of these thoughts are natural and are meant to be questioned, released and changed into positive beliefs, energy and emotions.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use EFT Tapping to release negative beliefs, resentments energetically and re-program your mind to positive, supportive self talk.  Embrace a powerful energy to manifest what you desire. You want to be ready to receive and create abundance. This is a LIVE session. There will be time for Q&A at the end directly with Jade.

Workshop Itinerary:

  1. Training – Quick Step by Step instruction on how to use EFT Tapping
  2. EFT Session – Real Time tapping session to follow and release negative energy and thoughts & tap in positive energy & thoughts – tapping into your subconscious
  3. Reprogram Your Mind and Body for Prosperity
  4. Emotionally Amplify Empowering Subconscious Beliefs
  5. Question & Answer Session at End

** Privacy: Sessions will be video taped but you will not be visible in the recording.  You will have access to the recording for future reference. Communication and questions will be available to you in the chat section of the Zoom call. Refunds: Non-refundable