Coaching Program


Ready to Breakthrough Blocks to Success or Love?

Weekly Sessions on Zoom One on One with Jade.  Includes In-depth & Expanded Readings with Spiritual Guidance & Insights
Programs are PERSONALIZED to your goals, blocks and healing. Includes: Gaining Clarity, Tarot, Energy  Psychology, Strategizing, Assignments, Action Commitments & Confidence Building

Book A Free Q & A Session with Jade to Answer your questions about the Coaching Program before committing.  Book Free Here 

4 week Coaching Program  –  Book A Free Q & A Session with Jade to Answer your questions about the Coaching Program before committing.  Book Free Here 

Includes 4 – 90 Minute Weekly Sessions. Welcome to your 4 week Coaching Mentoring Program with Jade. Please book your first session. With the 4 week program you’re already committed to moving forward and would like guidance, advice, clarity and an accurate vision and path to charge forward and kick butt. No holding back.  Working with Jade will light a fire under your cute butt and you will not be alone on this journey. You are human. We all have fears. But you’re tired of hesitating and ready to learn, expand and build your entrepreneurial spirit and take action forward.

Action is the right Action. Hesitating doesn’t feel right any longer. It’s time. Build and solidify vision and goals. Create effective & powerful action goals every week.

Transform your Mindset to commit and focus

Enjoy your New Journey to Prosperity through Purpose.

Includes 4 – 90 Minute Weekly Sessions      Book A Free Q & A Session with Jade to Answer your questions about the Coaching Program before committing.  Book Free Here 


“I recently participated in Jade’s coaching program. I am so glad I did. She and I worked together , determining my blocks. I feel as though I grew by leaps and bounds .I highly recommend Jade’s coaching program . She has a heart of gold and is so in touch with her clients.
Thanks Jade! I love you!❤❤❤”“Jade, I know that I’ve said thank you many times, but truly THANK YOU from my entire being.  You’ve guided me to levels that I hadn’t felt.  In less than 3 weeks you guided and challenged even further to create the most aligned program for my perfect soulmate clients.  Di ““Jade is an amazing woman! I enrolled in Jade’s Breakthrough Mentoring and Coaching Program at the beginning of the pandemic, as I was transitioning into a new job. Ridden with anxiety, I was struggling with whether I had made the right choice to begin at a new company during such uncertain times as well as lack of confidence – was I good enough for the job? Jade held my hand throughout the whole process, using every tool in her repertoire to reassure me that I was more than qualified. She was able to take me from panic mode to a peaceful state of mind within a single session. From there, she built me up week to week and empowered me. What differentiates Jade from others is how much she cares about her clients – she is so loving, so insightful and so very kind. If you’re looking to improve yourself or any area in your life, I highly recommend Jade’s Breakthrough Mentoring and Coaching Program. You will gain value from every single penny you invest in yourself many times over! Thank you so much for your magic, dear Jade. PS. Everything she told me that didn’t make sense at the time now does – her tarot card reading skills are so on point!  Rosario”“I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for completely changing my life around 180° degrees in the last 12 months.  When you first began coaching me in my field of work; my clients were mainly narcissists. They were identical to my narcissistic father, whom I was having great difficulty cutting loose from.  I had also just separated from my narcissist partner. And to top it all off, I was bulimic and would binge and throw up daily to cope with my anxiety and fear.  One year later, and I am having faith in the universe. I love myself for the very first time in my life, and I am attracting the most incredible similar-minded clients. Finally, I am also drawing financial stability that I have never experienced in the past.  Thanks to your precious help Dear Jade, I have gone from depressed suicidal to a very happy entrepreneur in love with myself.  THANK YOU ”  Vera

“Hey Jade- I can’t tell you how awesome your Breakthrough sessions have been for me!!!! As soon as I started, I knew I wanted to keep working with you and signed up for more right away- that’s how amazing I think YOU are!!! I wish I could get coaching forever~!!! I really want you to know what sets you apart because you are truly incredibly and a genuine partner in my business success and extra abundance 🙂 Your intuitive insights, no non-sense business acumen/go getter mentality, and nurturing supportive love is a combo you just can’t find anywhere and makes you the best business coach and mentor ever <3 I’ve accomplished more in the time we’ve spent together because you help me see the bigger picture and focus on activities that are most important to me now. Being a solo-preneur can get discouraging but knowing you are there to cheer me on and give me intelligent business advice which is in alignment with my soul mission always keeps me going. I love that you also support and trust my instincts and inner guidance even if it doesn’t fully make sense when it comes up. You help me validate what feels right for me. You are truly gifted at all you do and I can’t thank you enough. I feel so lucky I found you!!!  Much Love and Appreciation, Keiko”