3 Steps to Overcome Fear

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To be honest and a bit vulnerable, I’ve felt stuck many times in my life in relationships, jobs, businesses….. life in general. It’s not fun to not make a passionate commitment forward with a decision, an intuitive nudge or brilliant business idea due to fear, change.. the unknown.    Blasting out of our comfort zone is the most important and life expanding action we can take and life, feeling stuck and feeling fear give us the opportunities to do just that.  Breakthrough our fears to success.  Every breakthrough makes us more courageous for the next and the next and even the next challenge, big client, business and opportunity.  We keep growing and expanding financially, mentally and spiritually through that “Be afraid and do it anyways” mentality.

Here are three simple steps I use and offer my clients to overcome fears that keep you stuck:

  1. Define what you want to accomplish and why: I realize this is not part of the fear or stuck energy… however, it is the absolute motivation to complete the next two steps.  The question here is, why are you giving your energy, anxiety, mindfulness to break free of your fears in the first place.  The big  “WHY” must kick butt over the “Why Not”. The “Why Not” is often your fear talking. Example: “I want to ask for a raise because I know I deserve it, and research has shown for my job, my salary is statistically higher……”
  2. Accept Your Fear and Hesitation:  As a success mentor and coach, the biggest hurdle we have over fear is how much we beat ourselves up for not taking action due to fear.  It’s like  being our own worse critic and torturing ourselves so much that it destroys our sense of adventure and possibility. Anything new and exciting that we would like to accomplish outside our comfort zone, will automatically trigger the fear bug within.  So, facing your fear and knowing that your psyche is just protecting you and that fear and hesitation is not automatically a sign of weakness is freeing.  Acknowledging your feelings makes fears and hesitations less powerful.
  3. Take Action: Do just one thing right now towards your defined goal.  Being in action and movement towards your desire helps to break the automatic habit of stopping yourself in motion.   Desire is a powerful energy and your creations in this physical realm are based on that energy flow.  Ask yourself, “What can I do right now that will move me forward with this goal?” an answer will come to you and if you listen you will hear it….   the whisper can be….. “Let go of needing to control”, “Believe in yourself”, “Create your website”……  and then do it immediately! Fear is a stuck energy, action is a go get’em energy.  Give more focus and attention to your go get’em energy and your stuck energy will release more and more….

I truly hope these 3 steps to overcome your fear has been helpful to you dear one.  Changing your habits can open your entire life to more prosperity, love and happiness.

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